Sports Overview

Grey High School was founded in 1856 and has enjoyed a long association with top quality sport. Over the years, many provincial and international players in a wide variety of sports have been drawn from our ranks and currently there is still an abundance of talent to maintain Grey’s proud tradition of sporting excellence. Although an emphasis is placed on winning and being competitive, participation is also emphasized. On many Saturdays we will have over 500 sportsmen participating competitively.

Grey High offers a broad range of different sports that students are able to choose from. It is our intention to ensure that all our students take an active part in these co-curricular activities as this enables them to reap the benefit of the coaching offered by the large number of staff who commit themselves to sport in the school. The Rector places a great emphasis on sport at Grey High School, and it enjoys a world-wide reputation.

Many great sportsmen have started their careers at the School. Graeme and Peter Pollock are probably Grey’s best known sportsmen, with Graeme having been voted South African Cricketer if the 20th Century. But, it is not only in the cricketing world where Grey produced wonderful sportsman; Here are just a few of Grey sporting legends: Gavin Cowley (Rugby and Cricket), Dave Callaghan (Cricket, but also a provincial rugby player), Ian Kirkpatrick (Rugby), Mickey Gerber (Rugby), Michael Catt (Rugby), Luke Watson (Rugby), Cliff Drysdale (Tennis), Peter Williams (Swimming), and Wayne Graham (Captained first SA Hockey to Olympics) to mention a few. More Grey sporting history is covered in the individual sporting areas.

A high level of expertise is provided by our coaches, with many of the sports enjoying the services of a Professional Coach. Physical conditioning of our sportsmen is viewed in a very serious light and presently we have the services of a Physiotherapist and Biokinetisist on the property.

Our sport is backed up by wonderful facilities: the main cricket oval, The Pollock field named after Graeme, must be one of the most scenic schoolboy grounds in the world; the Philip field hosts the 1st team rugby games and has almost 10 000 spectators on occasions for the annual Grey College derby game, the water-based Rectory Astroturf was laid in 2006; a fully equipped gymnasium under the main school building, an indoor sports hall used predominately for basketball, six tennis courts, 2 squash courts, 3 fields that alternate between rugby and cricket fields, a heated indoor 25m swimming pool and a heated outdoor waterpolo pool. The golfers are very fortunate to have the PE Golf Club (former Grey School land) only 500m down the road.


Why we play Sport

Sports are a way of life for the vast majority of our students. To compete with school colours, no matter at what level of competition, gives the individual a sense of belonging and a sense of pride knowing that he has contributed to the sporting life of the school.

Learning to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat, camaraderie, pride in oneself and one’s school, expressing different emotions, forming long lasting friendships, boosting one’s self esteem, self discipline are just a few of the values and skills that students are exposed to in schools sport. It is important for students to learn about the dynamics of being part of a team.


Sports Code of Conduct

Expectations of a Grey High School Sportsman

To always play to win, but play by the rules.
To always accept the decision of the match official and never question the decision in any way.
To never take the law into your own hands.
To support the Team captain and recognise the positive attributes of your team mates.
To be always positive towards your team mates.
To direct all comments both on and off the field in a positive way.
Any issues regarding opposition players or spectators should be directed to your coach.
Any foul play or ungentlemanly conduct is regarded in a very serious light. A disciplinary committee consisting of the Rector, Director of Sport and the Master in Charge of the Sport will address these situations.
To be always dressed correctly (see dress codes).
To attend all practices, matches and arrive timeously for your matches.
To co-operate alwayswith your coach.
To treat an outside coach with respect in the same way as a teacher.
To host a visiting player in your home when playing teams from outside Port Elizabeth.
To maintain the school\'s reputation for fair play.


First aid is to be always available for all home hockey and rugby matches.
An ambulance will always be on stand by for all rugby matches.
Any injury sustained in a game or practice which requires medical attention should be reported to the coach.
Any injury that requires a stay in hospital should be reported to the Director of Sport.

Behaviour of Parents on the sideline

Be supportive of your son and the team he is involved in.
All comments from the sideline should be positive..
Do not abuse any officials, opposition players or supporters
Any inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on your son and the team, and is likely to tarnish the school\'s reputation.
If you have any issues regarding your son’s team, please contact the Teacher-in charge of the sport or the Director of Sport.
Parental support is valued by the school and your son

Supporting the 1st Teams

All players are to remain at the venue for the final game of the day, whether it is a home or an away fixture.
Attendance is compulsory at 1st XV home derby day matches.
Students are to be dressed in full school uniform when supporting the 1st XV, the only exception will be the 3rd XV who may wear tracksuits.
The behaviour of the students on the stand is the duty of the Teacher in charge of whatever sport is participating.


Cheerleaders are chosen by their peer group and are ratified by the Rector.
To be dressed appropriately at all times.
Their role is to
lead the schools’ cheering.
ensure the singing and support is of a high standard, which may require extra practices. These practices must be organised through the Matric Grade Head.
ensure an excellent “gees’ exists on the stands.
control the behaviour of the supporters on the stands.
ensure a healthy rivalry between the opposition and Grey High School.
cheerleaders are to never ridicule the Match Officials or incite the opposition.


Sports Policy

Compulsory Sport for all Students

Following the Latin dictum : Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy body leads to a healthy mind), Grey has a policy of compulsory participation in sports. Each student is required to participate in ONE sport offered by the school during the summer terms (terms 1 and 4) and in ONE sport offered by the school during the winter terms (Terms 2 and 3). This does not preclude any student from participating in more than one sport per season, and this is encouraged, wherever it can be arranged. A student will sign up for a sport and will arrange to participate in the other sport/s in his free time.

Students are required to choose a summer and a winter sport at the beginning of the year. League entries are then based on these numbers, so students are required to fulfill these sporting commitments until the end of the calendar year, and should not request to change sports unless required to do so by illness or injury.

Students will always be available for fixtures.
Parents and students will be informed well in advance of the sporting commitments undertaken by the school - particularly those involving weekend participation, and they should regard these as prior commitments. Where these fixtures involve travelling or hosting, parental co-operation is essential.

Sport Dress Codes

Grey has specific dress codes for both practices and matches, and you are expected to adhere to the minimum standards.


Attendance at practice is compulsory - any student who is unable to attend practice should excuse himself from his coach timeously to enable the coach to make alternative arrangements. If a student is not present at the Friday morning sports meeting, he will be deemed unfit to play over the weekend unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Special Sports

Any student wishing to be considered for participation in a sport not offered at Grey, termed a Special Sport, should register for the school sport of his choice first and then consult the Director: Sport, who will make the decision as to whether or not he will be excused from participation in the school sport. The applicant needs to participate at National level to be considered for a special sport.

Official Sports offered

Summer Sports


Cricket    Rugby 
Athletics  Hockey 
Tennis  Tennis 
Swimming     Cross Country 
Rowing Rowing (training  
Squash  Squash 
Golf  Golf
Basketball Air-Rifle 


Certain sports can accommodate only a limited number of students
Guidelines in this regard will be provided to students at the start of the year.