Air-Rifle Shooting


Air-rifle shooting is a sport that prides itself in discipline and commitment. The sport is fairly new at The Grey but has developed over the past couple of years with pleasing results and without a doubt has prospered through its efforts.

The sport and its members aim high and consequently they have achieved pleasing results. The future looks bright for the young talent at our school.  The Sport as a whole is ever growing in its popularity and the desire to be a part of the Air Rifle team is ever increasing.


Master in charge:-  Mr Simon Sonderup


Captain:-  Jacob Dirsuwei
Vice captain:-  Dylan Vimpany





First Team 2016 – Jacob Dirsuwei, Steven Vosloo (Captain), Stiaan Schepers (Vice), and Dylan Vimpany


Air Rifle Second Team 2016

Second Team 2016 – Left to Right – Dieter Kapp, James Trollope, Chad Gardiner and Luke Dirsuwei


Shooting at St Andrew's College 2015




Tristan Comley, 2015 Captain 


2014 First Team:  Anthony Abrahamson, Janan de Welzim, Tristan Comley and David Douglas-Henry

With coach, Matthew Hayter