Interhouse Rugby

Competition Rules

Seven-a-side rules apply.
Maximum 14 players in squad with rolling substitution. No junior players will be allowed to participate in a senior division.

Playing Kit

Grey High School match shorts and socks are to be worn. Players must wear House rugby shirts.


Matches are 14 minutes - 7 minutes each half with a 1 minute break.
The final will be 10 minutes each half with 5 minutes extra time if needed. The final will be a sudden death format.
The referee will control the time and allow a last movement to be completed.

Drawn Matches

The winner of a drawn game will be determined firstly by:
most tries during game, then
most tries in 1st half, then
share points (only in play-off)

Points System

3 points awarded for a win
1 point awarded for a draw
0 points awarded for a loss

Points for final positions
1st – 6 points
2nd – 5 points
3rd – 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th – 2 points
6th – 1 points

Final Positions

Final positions in each age group will be determined by points gained during the competition. If teams are equal on points then most tries during game, then
most tries in 1st half, then share points (only in play-off)

Overall House Points Standings

These are calculated by adding the points of the Junior and Senior teams for each house. In the case of houses ending up on equal points, then that particular position will be shared.


Junior Rugby

This event took place on the Philip and Pyott fields on Monday 23 June from 14:30 – 16:30.

Senior Rugby

This event took place on Wednesday 25 June 2008.

Overall Results



Junior Points

Senior Points

Total Points

Overall Position

Meriway meriway_sport.gif 6 6 12 1
Johnson johnson_sport.gif 5 3 8 2
Noaks noaks_sport.gif 2 4 6 3
Thurlow thurlow_sport.gif 1 5 6 3
Vipan vipan_sport.gif 4 2 6 3
Lang lang_sport.gif 3 1 4 6