Congratulations to the Grade 9s who earnt Merit Ties during their Grade 8 year.

Gr8merrit ties

A new tradition started today at Grey.  The incoming Grade 8 lined up outside the front of the school, and the current Grade 12s presented them with their ties, and helped them put them on.  Following this, each Grade 8 boy walked into the school, and was allowed to ring the bell.  This was the original bell from when Grey was at the original Grey Institute on the Donkin.  The ringing of the bell symbolises the boys arrival at the school.  The boys will only ring the bell twice more in their lives – upon leaving Grey as a Grade 12 learner, and again upon returning to the school as an Old Grey.

Photo – Grade 12 Robbie Shearer presents the Grey tie to new Grade 8 Dane Jacobs.

GreyTie new

Congratulations to the newly elected prefects for 2019.

Our Head Prefect for 2019 is Matthew Easton and the Deputy Head Prefect is Ricky King.





BY DEMAND ! The Grey Perimeter Fence Project Phase 2 LAUNCH !

Missed out on the Pillars ? We are thrilled to announce the launch of Phase 2. First-Come-First-Serve ! See details below. For Bookings or more information contact Wendy Beaufort at Marketing. 



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