This is the hub of the school at break time. Hot food may be ordered on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The Restaurant is used as a tea venue for school functions, eg. Prize-giving, Valedictory Service, Remembrance day, Trooping the Colour, and Reunion week. Over weekends, it is used to cater to visiting schools sports teams and visitors. Formal dinners are also held in this venue, eg. Grey Union, Cadet, and Toastmaster dinners.



The Tuckshop provides an essential service to students, parents, staff and visitors. A vast variety of food is available and there is a strict policy of not purchasing any products containing tartrazine. Regular visits by a dietician ensures there is stock of a vast range of healthy items. For the health conscious, flavoured waters, jelly sweets, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and juices are stocked.


             Tuckshop - then                                  Tuckshop - now                       Tuckshop - today


Business Hours

Break times daily, after school, and during all events.



For all your catering needs to suit your budget, contact our Functions Co-ordinator.
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