House Systems

All students and teachers at Grey High School belong to one of six Houses. The Houses are competitive and are largely student-led, under the direction of a Housemaster. From the outset, students are encouraged to be actively involved in supporting and representing their House in a variety of competitions, from sports to public speaking to raising money for charity. Each House takes pride in its own traditions and successes.

There are five Day Houses and two Boarding Houses, although the Boarding Houses are collectively seen as one House, Meriway House.


Day Houses

Johnson House
Motto: Servabo Fidem
Translation: I Shall Protect the Faith
House Colour: Yellow


Lang House
House Colour: White

Noaks House
Motto: Fortior Qui Se Vincit
Translation: The Man who is Better, Restrains Himself
House Colour: Green


Thurlow House
Motto: Justitia Soror Fides
Translation: Justice is the Companion of Faith
House Colour: Blue

Vipan House
Motto: Vi et Armis
Translation: By Force and With Arms
House Colour: Purple


Boarding Houses

Meredith House
Motto: Heb Dduw Heb Ddib, A Dum A Digon
House Colour: Black


Meriway House
Motto: Fit Via Fi
Translation: The Way is Achieved by Force
House Colour: Red


The collective badge of Meriway House.



For a list of Housemaster with a link to their contact details, please click here.


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