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Student Christian Association - SCA


The SCA is a society that stands for Jesus Christ. It is a safe place for boys who are walking in faith to come and grow and have fun with other Christians, and anyone is more than welcome to join us (no application is required). The SCA has grown in numbers in recent years and is now one of the biggest and certainly the busiest clubs at Grey. Daily meetings take place in the Restaurant before school. There are also cell groups, a worship evening or two and an eventful and inspiring camp. We try to interact with the SCA of our sister school, Collegiate, a couple of times every year. Every two years we run a 24-hour relay marathon, Laps for Hope, to raise funds for charity, which is a highlight for most members. God continues to guide us and we look forward to seeing numbers growing and relationships deepening. Meetings: Every morning 07:30-07:40 and every 2nd Break in G8. 


Staff: Mrs Linda Carr; Mr Matthew Osborne


Our 2019 Committee is constituted as follows:


Chairman:    Chris Engelbrecht

Vice Chair:   Matthew Kieck 

Members:   Estiaan Hough,

                     Lazola Njisane

                     Kellan Harrison

                     Tom Heath 

                     Russell Lister 

                     Jared Meyer

                     Lusanele Nelani 

                     Lathi Nqebe

                     Nathan Sieberhagen

                     Luke Oberholster

                     Desmond Petersen

                     Joshua Van Vuuren