Blue Flower

During the holidays the Grey air rifle team participated in the South African Air rifle nationals representing both the eastern province and the Grey. The grey men performed well at a national level. Jacob Dirsuwei shot a score of 491 for his 3p and 478 for his 10 meter stand, Dylan Vimpany scored 501 for his 3 Position (3P) and 473 for his 10 meter stand, Luke Dirsuwei scored 452 for his 3p and 393 for his 10 meter stand and James Trollope scored 448 for his 3p and 436 for his 10 meter. The grey u16 team achieved silver placing them second in the country for the team category for 3p and Jacob Dirsuwei achieved bronze placing him third in the country for the u20 men's 10 meter category.

The grey air rifle team also recently participated in the national air rifle postal league. The grey men achieved extremely high scores with Dylan Vimpany winning a bronze medal for u16 3p and Jacob Dirsuwei winning a silver medal for both u20 3p and u20 10 meter categories.

Grey Air Rifle shottists

Photo – left to right – James Trollope, Luke Dirsuwei, Grey’s Rector Neil Crawford, Dylan Vimpany and Jacob Dirsuwei.