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Teacher in charge: Mr Siya Denga



Grey basketball started in 1995 when seven students wanted to play in the Murray Gymnasium. These students were J Seock, N Owalsky, G Rowles, F Frank, B Niederhauser, Y Allie and M Songongo. Their enthusiasm would give the sport its prominent status which began as a club in 1996, with one teacher in charge (Mrs C Mallon) and two teams, the 1st team and the U16A. Since then Grey basketball has grown to have five teams, and each year having Eastern Province representations.  In 2007 there were three representatives in the E.P. U18 squad, S Potgieter, J Wright, and R Prinsloo.


SA Players

1998 U16A S Ngwekazi
In 1999, the Grey 1st team were crowned the Baskteball South African School Champions, with four members of the team making the SA team and also the captain winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award
1999 U18A B Niederhauser, A Trow, S Tyali, M January
BSA MVP B Niederhauser

2001 U16A S Mafu
U18A A Fox



1 x indoor court (Murray Gymnasium)

1 x outside court



1st, 2nd, U16A, U16B and U14A teams


Basketball Officials

Grey plays according to FIBA rules where there two Referee’s and two Table officials. The Referee controls the game and calls the fouls players commit. The Table officials record the point scored and the fouls called by the Referee. A game is four quarters of 10 minutes of stop and start, and in each quarter the Coach is allowed two time outs of 2 minutes. The way players score a basket or a point is by getting the basketball through the hoop attached to a backboard at the end of the court. The players are allowed to dribble and pass the ball on the court until they are close enough to the hoop to score. The points work as such that a basket shot inside  the three point line is worth 2 points, while a basket shot outside the three point line is worth 3 points.


Rules for players

-when on the Grey basketball court a player must always wear basketball shoes
-no jewellery allowed on the court
-only regulation Grey attire to practice in and play in
-always notify your coach of injuries and exeats


Coaching Staff

The coaching staff comprises of staff members and external coaches. 

1st Team Coach :     Mr Alfonzo Colleen
2nd Team Coach :    Mr Siyabonga Denga
U16A Team Coach : Mr Eugene Botha
U16B Team Coach : Mr Eugene Botha
U14A team Coach :  Mr Siyabonga Denga

Mr Alfonzo Colleen – EP Men’s Player
Mr Eugene Botha – Spartan’s Mens Coach



30 January 2016  –  St Andrew’s College Basketball Festival (1st & u16A)
5 February 2016  –  Local Fixture (TBC)
10 February 2016  –  Local Fixture (TBC)
12 – 14 February 2016  –  U16 St John’s College Basketball Tournament
13 February 2016  –  Kingswood Fixture (Away)
19 – 21 February 2016  –  U18 St John’s College Basketball Tournament
26 February 2016  -  Local Fixture (TBC)
5 March 2016  –  ST Andrew’s College Fixture (Away)


Old Boys Playing Professionally


Old Grey Reece Wade Prinsloo (2009) plays for the Soweto Panthers in the National Basketball League (NBL) since 2013 till present. Reece was selected for the All Star Team for The BNL league in 2015. Reece was also selected in 2015 for the South African Men’s Basketball side.