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Mrs Michele Bezuidenhout
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to source and select a varied array of books, magazines and media material
o promote and encourage a lifelong reading habit
to support and supply resource-based learning (which becomes more and more a part of our curriculum)
to promote independent research skills using all library resources
to provide a wide selection for recreational needs
to be user-friendly in finding the right material


Business Hours

07:25 – 07:40
10:15 – 10:32
12:40 – 12:57
Daily after school – 30 minutes


Facilities and Services

The Library is located in the Science Block, and houses over 18 000 books. It aims to provide up to date resources for all learning areas.

Reserve desk
A reserve system gives every student an equal opportunity to use the relevant material:

Assignment material
the 'latest edition' of popular books
To keep up with the everyday happenings and changes – all new information, pamphlets, circulars and relevant newspaper articles are put on file under the specific learning areas.

Academic and general recreation interests are available.

Copies of the daily newspapers are available.

A full colour photocopier is available for students’ use. It is restricted for use during break times and after school. A levy is payable.


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Grey Junior
Old Greys' Union
School Shop