Military Band

The Music Department fields a full Military Band, which serves as part of the Grey Cadet Detachment No. 33.
All students who play a military band instrument play in this band. Students who play an instrument that is unsuited to marching, are incorporated into the band's percussion section wherever possible. For the first half of the year, Grade 8 candidates are trained separately from the rest of the band. One or more of the senior rank bearers who are appointed to this task by the music staff and the band Student Officer supplies such training to them. Grade 8's are first trained in the skills of marching and the protocols of cadets in general.

Annual Engagements

Trooping the Colour Parade
The Retreat
Heritage March
Route March
For the first few weeks of the year the band is engaged in mastering the music for these events in the confines of the band room. Each member will be required to organize music on to march-cards by a specified date. Once the music is known the band is handed over to the senior officers who are charged with the task of refining the band as a marching and performing unit.

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Staffing Structure

Staffing Structure 2016

Officer Commanding Cadet Detatchment No. 33
Maj SJ van Niekerk

Mr Steve van Niekerk

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Position   Name
 2 I/C – Adjudant Lt AC Scholtz
 Quartermaster Mrs A Kember
 Officer Instructors/Advisors  
 A Squadron  Lt AC Scholtz; Mr Z Marx
 B Squadron Lt H Roelofse
 C Squadron Mr Laurie
 D Squadron Mr T Botha
 Senior Drill Troop Mr R Laurie 
 Junior Drill Troop Cpl M Brown 
 Candidate Officers 2Lt L du Plessis
 First Aid Course Mr S Denga (drill); Mr T Botha (technical) 
 Military Band Mr S Lyon 



Rank Bearers 2017
Senior Student Officer  SSO T de Bruyn
Adjudant SO A Matroos
Ensign SO J van der Westhuizen
Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) WOI    B Prinsloo
A Squadron   
Guard One Officer Commanding SO W Solaan
Second-in-Command SO A Nel
Guard Two Officer Commanding SO M Carelse
Second-in-Command SO L Richards
Student officer SO C de Wet
Guard Three Officer Commanding SO F de Odorico
Second-in-Command SO M Keevy
  SO J Stander
Guard Four Officer Commanding SO J Koen 
Second-in-Command SO D Finlay
  SO A du Plessis
B Squadron  
Training SO SO D Davenport
C Squadron   
Training SO SO C Wilke
Junior Drill Troop Instructor SO A Anvari
D Squadron  
Training SO SO K Hull
E Squadron   
Officer Commanding SO M Roux
Training SO SO O Sultan
Military Band  
Officer Commanding SO K Bashman
Warrant Officers WO II R Shellard
  WO II S Naidoo
  WO II L Ntuli
Warrant Officers  
Guard One Warrant Officer WO II R Horn
Guard Two Warrant Officer WO II P Weyer-Henderson
Guard Three Warrant Officer WO II R Human
Guard Four Warrant Officer WO II C Erasmus
B Squadron Warrant Officer WO II C Gottschalk
C Squadron Warrant Officer WO II J Cuthbertson
D Squadron Warrant Officer WO II V Maqanda
E Squadron Warrant Officer WO II G Rautenbach



Standing Orders


1. All cadets will be in full cadet uniform and parade every Tuesday unless an official anouncement to the contrary is made.

2. All cadets to form up in their respective squadrons within FIVE MINUTES of the trumpets being sounded. Late comers to report to their CSM. Any pupil unable to participate is to report to the Mosenthal Pavilion.

3. In the event of rain on a Tuesday, cadets will be postponed to the Thursday, pupils to bring books for period 3. Cadet uniform must still be worn on Tuesday.


4. Any cadet who cannot participate because of illness or injury is to form up in front of the Mosenthal Pavilion where a note or doctor’s certificate must be presented. Letters to be addressed to the Officer Commanding CD 33. These letters will be filed and a record kept of cadet periods missed.

5. Full cadet uniform must still be worn.

6. Cadets not in possession of a note must report to their normal squadron venues.


7. When wearing a beret, a cadet will salute all officers, staff and any adult in the school grounds. This is the only suitable greeting while in uniform.


8. Cadet shirt, shorts with belt, beret, rugby socks and school shoes. Officers and NCO’s wear brown boots, white anklets and hose tops. SO’s may wear sam browns.

9. Only grey jerseys may be worn, but may not be worn during the cadet period itself. No white or khaki jerseys will be permitted.

10. A blazer and school tie must be worn to and from school. Usually no ties will be worn during cadet periods, and the shirt sleeves will be rolled up to above the elbow. Should there be an occasion when the ties are worn, sleeves will be rolled down.

11. Berets are only to be worn during the cadet period. Cadet uniform will be worn by all pupils throughout the school day. No-one may change into other clothing before the end of normal school hours.

12. No track suits will be tolerated.


13. Any officer, SO, WO or NCO is entitled to place a cadet on extra parade for a genuine breach of discipline.

14. Extra parade will be held on Friday afternoons for an hour 15 minutes after the bell, on the Pollock Field. Cadets’ names must appear on the Cadet notice board by Thursday.

15. The parade must be commanded by a SO or WO, assisted by a NCO, all appointed by the RSM. Rifles may be carried but only normal drill may be performed. On no account may this become a PT session. The RSM is responsible and should attend where possible to ensure strict discipline.

16. Extra parade is like detention and takes precedence over other activities. Proper disciplined behaviour during cadets is the only recommended solution. Should a cadet miss extra parade, he will be placed in two extra parades, starting the next week. All queries and explanations must be directed to the RSM.

17. Any cadets who infringe dress regulations will be placed on Dress Parade to be held on the Thursday of the same week as the infringement. These pupils will be required to wear cadet uniform for the whole day. This will take place on the Pollock Field 10 minutes after the bell for the end of the day. The RSM will appoint a SO or WO to inspect the defaulters.

18. Squadron CSM’s are to collect names of any defaulters and hand these names to the RSM before the end of cadets. Pupils whose names are taken will be informed verbally of the dress parade at the time of taking their names, and their names will be placed on the cadet notice board before second break on Wednesday. Ignorance of this is no excuse. Defaulters who do not attend will be placed on Extra Parade the following week.


19. Cadet periods may not become PT sessions and any rank bearer found to be guilty of this may be suspended or demoted. However, rank bearers will be given the respect they deserve at all times. Any breach of these orders will be seen in a serious light.


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